Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality. Over the past several months a war has been raging. Online militia have been fighting for YOUR freedom. It has been predicted that the wars of the future would be waged with computers and the Men and Women behind them, one such war has arrived. Despite Hundreds of thousands of Americans who have taken up arms against these Tyrants (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) we are loosing. Their financial power is overcoming our manpower. We need you, I do not care where you stand Red or Blue, Democrat or Republican those words mean nothing to me right now, this affects both sides! Do you enjoy browsing the internet without being restricted? You pay allot of money for access to the internet you should be in control. If Net Neutrality is repealed we are looking at a very dark future. News suppression, media filtering, Paid add-on packages, Your favorite sites slowed down, this is jut a small amount of things that WILL go wrong. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m being dramatic, I may be scared but I am of sound mind. Give me just a few moments today, Go to and contact congress. Despite all of the action that has already been taken our officials have shown they are highly influenced by monetary interests, Show them that we hold the power. As we should, we as voters and taxpayers should always hold the power, and we value our freedom!

What We Are Reaching For

As humans we search for what “defines us” what makes us unique. We develop feelings for those that can point us out and tell us who we are. If you truly want to know who you are, look at what you desire. What if you realize what you were reaching for is impossible? After that what you reach for tells you something about yourself as well. Do you blink and throw your hand back at the stars? Do you turn to the closest thing that you can reach? Do you turn for the thing you know you can reach and have held before? Or maybe its something new that our eyes settle on. In a world so desperate for affirmation, just take a moment and see why and what your heart is reaching for.